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Meet Amelia
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What is Fen Holistic Therapies?

Ayurvedic Services | Holistic Approach


At Fen, our highest priority is your overall well-being. We incorporate many modalities into our service menu to provide you with the best for your health. Come enjoy relaxing body treatments, ayurvedic-based services, and more. 

Look no further to find luxury to integrate into your life. Massage and wellness are about connecting to your body, relieving and preventing stress and pain, and understanding your body tells a story. Our mission is to help your body tell its story gently and with more grace. Take a moment to heal, unwind, and de-stress.

Fen's name was founded on the Nordic mythology of Valhalla, representing ultimate strength. Here, we hope you tap into your own strength every day. 

Why Holistic Therapy?

It can help with


Our holistic services help restore your "rest and digest" state in your nervous system. 


From anxiety and overwhelm to chasing the kids all day, fatigue can sneak up on us. Massage can help combat all that exhaustion 


Through lymphatic flow during massage and raindrop, get a jumpstart on your detoxification.

Women's Health

Women's bodies go through many cycles. At Fen, we support women all through pregnancy with relaxing massage and emphasize resources through these times. 

Weight Loss

Massage can help you feel better in your journey towards health and fitness.


More than anything, our services provide immediate and long lasting stress relief. 

Why Naturopathy


“Paige gave me a wonderful massage!!
She did everything possible to help me relax. She has amazing energy in her hands.
I could feel her healing spirit during my massage. Yay Paige!”

— Jill




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(301) 603-3185

22525 Washington Street

Leonardtown, Maryland 20650

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