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Frequently Asked Questions

All Your Questions on Fen.. Answered Here

For information on the sauna, please head here.

  • Can I use the sauna while pregnant?
    Firstly, Fen recommends that you listen to your body FIRST. However, American Pregnancy Association recommends pregnant women DO NOT use saunas. When pregnant, your base body temperature is already higher and a sauna can cause you to overheat. If you are pregnant and would like to use our sauna, please let the front desk know so we can lower the temperature and have you sign a waiver form.
  • What do I wear in the sauna?
    You have a few options here! - If you'd like to wear your own clothes, we recommend light, loose clothing for both men and women. Shorts and light weight yoga pants are fine. Men may wear boxers, but with the thinner fabric, we prefer a towel laid on the bench for ease of cleanliness. - Fen provides several sizes of robes (our robes fit up to about 2x) that you may wear in the sauna. - No nudity. While you are blocked from other rooms, Fen is a smaller business and we do not recommend using the sauna nude.
  • Is the sauna safe?
    Yes! Infrared rays are the ‘light’ energy you learnt about in science class, that plants use for photosynthesis. Infrared rays are vital for life on planet Earth, because plants wouldn’t be able to make energy without infrared rays and the food chain would break down. Infrared rays are the safest rays produced from the sun. Infrared treatments are also used in burn units of hospitals to help speed up the healing process, as well as in newborn baby incubators. At The Arctic Studio, we have done extensive research to make sure we offer the best and safest sauna available. You are in complete control of your sauna experience. If you find that it is too hot simply open the door for a few minutes. You also have control of the temperature inside the sauna. Be sure to drink plenty of water before your sauna session to ensure you sweat lots and prevent dehydration. Our friendly staff are always nearby if you have any concerns. Using the towels provided helps maintain the hygiene of the sauna. We have a strict cleaning protocol to ensure safety. However, please keep in mind there are some people that should not use them if they have certain medical conditions e.g. pregnancy and epilepsy as listed.
  • Can I get burned in the sauna?
    Definitely not. Our Far Infrared Sauna does NOT use Ultraviolet rays or any form of heated rocks. It uses Infrared light rays which do not burn. You will feel warm in the Far Infrared Sauna, but you wont get burnt.
  • What's the difference between infrared and a regular sauna?
    The biggest difference is the way in which the saunas are heated. A regular/traditional sauna uses a heater and hot stones to heat the sauna room. Pouring water over the stones creates the steam that you see in this style of sauna. Our Far Infrared Sauna is much more advanced and uses infrared heating to heat your body from the inside out. Just 20% of the infrared rays heat the room and the rest heat your body, and there is no water involved in the heating process. Infrared rays are natural rays from the sun that plants use to create energy in the Photosynthesis process. Our Far Infrared Sauna is so technologically advanced that you are surrounded by our nano-carbon heaters!
  • Will I get claustrophobic?
    No, you are in control. You close the door to the sauna and you can open it again at any time, it’s never locked.
  • How often can I use the sauna?
    You can use the sauna once a day! Depending on what your goals are and how your body reacts to the sauna dictates how often you should use the sauna.
  • Can more than 1 person use the sauna at a time?
    Yes, this is a two person sauna. It is more comfortable with only one person, but two people do fit.
  • What temperature is the Far Infrared Sauna?
    You’re in control of the temperature! You can control the temperature from inside the sauna itself. The ideal temperature is 140 F.
  • Can I share sauna sessions with friends and family?
    We have special pricing for friends or family who use or sauna at the same time. If you purchase our sauna packages, you are able to share the sauna package with one friend or family of your choice.
  • Can I use my phone or tablet in the sauna?
    Infrared saunas are relatively safer for electronics at lower temperatures as well. Many of our users use their tablets and smartphones in their saunas - just keep the devices away from the heater and out of the direct path of the infrared waves. Our sauna has a special ledge for your tablet on the door handle if you want to watch a show or listen to a podcast. Fen is not liable for any damages to your electronic devices.
  • Can I use the sauna more than once a week?
    Yup, and we recommend it! Sauna's are good to use every day of the week!

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