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Energy Work & Ayurvedic Services

Marma Points Massage

Marma points therapy is a traditional Ayurvedic massage technique that's believed to help sustain the flow of energy throughout your body. There are 107 marma points located around your body. Stimulation of these points is said to affect everything from the health of your organs to the production of hormones and more.

Mini Grounding Renewal

Relax into the day with 15 minutes on our BRAND NEW black tourmaline & jade mat (heated available). Finish your session with an invigorating indian oil head massage and grounding foot bath. Be prepared to walk away with a glistening scalp. Can be a stand alone treatment or an add on service.

Moon Cycle Massage

Cranky, tired, and bloated when your period hits? We want you to learn to work with your cycles, not against it. This massage combines our traditional Swedish and Thai massage balls filled with herbs to help combat period fatigue. Combined with dragon time essential oil and a heating pad, your sure to feel pampered.

Ayurveda Detox Massage

Using warm herbal medicinal oil and Ayurveda techniques to stimulate the lymphatic system to help the body release toxins. At the end the client is wrapped in warm towels. Try an add-on of hot stones for deeper relaxation.

Energetic Renewal

Capture the energy of Spring and settle in for this 2 hr session of true bliss. Combine intuitive energy with guided meditation to realign your chakras, ending with a grounding foot bath filled with dead sea salt, ashwagandha, and other grounding herbs.

Ayurvedic Foot Soak

Relax before or after a session with an herbal mixture in warm water. Tea and snacks available.


Ayurvedic healing technique that involves having medicinal oil, milk, ghee, or water poured onto your forehead. Followed up with scalp massage and full body massage.

Detox Massage

Start your week off right with a deep detox massage. A combination of lymphatic drainage, gua sha, and Thai herbal massage balls, this massage will have your body working at peak. Finish up the massage with copaiba oil on ankles and feet and a blend of detox tea to relax with.

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