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Energy Work & Ayurvedic Services

Medical Intuitive Session/Body Intuitive

A complete healthcare modality, powerful, practical tools to identify the "story behind the symptoms" and to unveil a personalized and prioritized treatment plan for each client. This modality integrates wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine's latest science on the brain.



Reiki with Crystals

Reiki is a Japanese energy medicine that reduces stress and facilitates the body's healing. The practitioner uses hands on or hands above the body. Client remains clothed for the session. Crystals are added for additional healing.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Healing using the Angelic frequency.

Raindrop Therapy


Past Life Reading

A intuitive session to discover if there are connections of current life lessons and past lives. A way to bring awareness and healing to the client.

Crystal Healing

With use of crystals chosen specifically for the session, the body's energy flow and chakras are stimulated and balanced. Use this time to mediate, restore, and renew.

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