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Remove & Cleanse Toxins

Release  built up gases and other nasty toxins back into your blood stream for your body to sweat out.


You can burn up the 300 calories in just 30 minutes in our Far Infrared Sauna! Not only do you burn calories by sweating out fat deposits, it also enhances the metabolic performance of your bodies vital organs.

Increase Energy Levels

Detoxing from harmful chemicals restores the bodies natural balance, leaving you feeling refreshed with increased energy levels.

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation

Deliver nutrients to your skin through increased blood circulation, leaving you with that perfect skin glow everybody seeks. If that isn’t good enough, the Sauna can also improve the appearance of scars and can aid in the healing of burns.

Boast Immune System – Help Fight Colds, Flu and Fevers

Turning up the heat and sweating out those nasty toxins boosts your immune system, helping keep those colds, flu’s and fevers at bay.


Improved Blood Circulation
Saunas can improve your blood pressure and circulation. The heat inside our sauna dilates blood vessels, shrinking the volume of the inner lining of our blood vessels.

Reduced Muscle Tension – Improved Flexibility
Heating up your muscles reduces tension and pain. Reducing this tension in turn means you may see an increase in flexibility, because your muscles aren’t holding as much tension restricting their range of motion

Make sure you drink plenty of water beforehand. If you’re dehydrated, you won’t sweat as much, which means you won’t be able to cleanse yourself from enough toxins. Dehydration could also make you feel light-headed in the sauna. The sauna has cup holders, should you want to bring your water in with you.

Avoid wearing make up or using any creams or lotions before you use the sauna. It means your pores will be more open so you can sweat out more toxins.

Use an exfoliator before you use the sauna if you can. This will stop dry skin build up. We have dry brushes to purchase should you want to use them.

Wear comfy clothes!

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