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Paige Toryk


Paige always loved adventures, and her journey as a massage therapist is nothing short of that. After attending Randolph Macon College, Paige moved to Bali where she studied reiki, aromatherapy, raindrop, and more. 


Upon arriving home, Paige started her schooling for massage at Lotus School of Integrated Professions in Richmond, Virginia. Since then, she has worked on her life coaching certification, earned certification through ACE cupping, Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy, and is continuing education in prenatal massage and working with your moon cycle.. 


While Paige’s touch is firm, she works on deeper pressure through the use of massage tools, such as cupping, and has a love for working out trigger points. You’ll find a relaxing session with Paige, one that will help you restore balance in your everyday life. 


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Massage Therapist

Jeff is a dedicated deep tissue massage therapist, specializing in holistic healing and rejuvenation.Graduating from Cortiva Institute in 2021, he embodies a profound understanding of the human body and its intricate muscular composition.


With a passion for enhancing wellness, Jeff combines his extensive knowledge with an intuitive touch, tailoring each session to address individual needs. Jeff is an expert at effectively releasing tension and alleviating chronic pain. Clients often praise his ability to pinpoint problem areas and apply the perfect amount of pressure, creating a therapeutic experience that transcends the ordinary.


Jeff's compassionate nature and commitment to empowering his clients to achieve optimal physical well-being distinguish him as a trusted and sought-after professional. His holistic approach not only targets physical discomfort but also fosters a deep sense of relaxation, encouraging the body's natural healing mechanisms to flourish.


Beyond his technical expertise, Jeff's amiable demeanor and genuine care for his clients create an atmosphere of trust and comfort, ensuring each session is a transformative journey toward better health. Whether seeking relief from stress, recovering from injuries, or aiming for improved flexibility, Jeff's sessions are a harmonious blend of skill, empathy, and a dedication to enhancing the overall quality of life for those he serves.


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Clythene "Clyde" 

Reiki Master & Reflexologist

Clythene Selzer, or Clyde, was born and raised here in St Mary’s County. With a deep love for helping people, Clyde started to learn different modalities in the holistic practice. 


She was first introduced to Young Living essential oils in 2014 and dived into Reflexology in 2016. Clyde became a 
certified Reflexologist through the Baltimore School of Reflexology.

She received a session and fell in love with reflexology two
years before her certification and just knew she wanted to do it for others. 

Clyde also offers raindrop, and was certified with VitaFle from the Center for Aromatherapy Research and
Education and is also a  Reiki Master.


She hopes to use her knowledge in these healing modalities and with the use of essential oils to help release emotional patterns in people dealing with trauma and pain.



Massage Therapist 

Cassidy graduated in 2023 from AMI for massage therapy. She originally went to school for nursing and had a deep desire to help others. Upon learning about massage, it became the right path for her. She specializes in hips, glutes, and low back. She is medium to firm pressure and combines focus work with relaxation while utilizing a lot of stretching. She is also prenatal certified. You can often find her crabbing in the summer.






Social Media Manager

Introducing Linzy, our vibrant Social Media Manager here at Fen!

With a dynamic background spanning five years in the marketing industry, Linzy is the creative force behind our online presence.

Linzy is thrilled to be a part of the Fen family, where she can channel her love for humor into creating outgoing and entertaining content. For her, laughter is truly one of the best holistic medicines, and she infuses this belief into every post and interaction.

October holds a special place in Linzy's heart, as Halloween aficionado extraordinaire! You'll often catch her immersed in all things spooky, from eerie decorations to thrilling activities.

Beyond her digital endeavors, Linzy is an avid music explorer, a devoted friend, and a regular attendee of tattoo conventions, indulging her passion for body art and creativity.

Join Linzy on our social media channels for a dose of laughter, creativity, and spirited fun!

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